Sloan Hudson/ First Look

No this is not a wedding post. This is not a bride/groom first look. Though bride and groom first looks are great for many, this first look… this first look emotionally surpasses any other first look. This first look is truly unlike any other. It was not planned. There was no fancy staging, no control over lighting or background. No control over who was there, what was happening or the time it occurred. This first look tells a story through the images I’ve captured. So here it is..

My heart nearly exploded last thursday. Two of the most selfless, caring individuals I have ever met, Sara and Jeremy Wicker got their first look. Their first look at their baby son. Yes, I said their baby son..

I photograph the Wickers every year around their anniversary in September & I am always SO excited to get a text from Sara around oh ya know… June with her anniversary session ideas!! Our photog sessions are ALWAYS very well planned out by Sara and whether it be a food fight between the two of them or cuddling in bed at a super trendy bed & breakfast it is ALWAYS special, ALWAYS fun & ALWAYS creative. The images I capture consistently, year after year, tell their true love story. I would be willing to bet that they are the two easiest clients in the world to photograph. Their love is vibrant, it is known, it is obvious and it clearly shows in my images. The text I received this year, June 1st at 7:28am was the best yet. It read “I think we need a new anniversary photo theme.”

Over the years, I had the opportunity of becoming friends with the Wickers. They had battled infertility for nearly 10 years when they made a collaborative decision to adopt. Fifteen months went by. The support that was provided to them was unbelievable! People came together, participated in fundraisers, prayed… So much love and hope provided them with comfort and belief. Everybody involved had anticipated that phone call telling the Wickers that they were matched. Sara and Jeremy began a blog to keep everybody updated on their adoption process.

It wasn’t until May 31st that they got a call saying a baby was on it’s way… They had 1 week to mentally prepare for this little boy or girl. Yes, I said 1 week!!!

Baby boy Sloan Hudson Wicker was born Wednesday June 7th.

Thursday June 8th was the day that Sara and Jeremy’s lives changed forever. The day they got to meet their son for the very first time. Their first look..

Thursday June 8th was the day my photography career views and direction have changed. This was the day that for the first time, I felt my clients vulnerability. The first time I realized my clients had NO idea that I was present in the room. The first time I realized that I would capture all of their emotions with one click of a button and they would cherish the photos for the rest of their lives. There would be no posing, no directions, no conversation.. it was raw. Every moment was real, honest and pure.

This session gives the “First Look” a whole new meaning.

I arrived at Halifax at 7:00pm to meet Sara & Jeremy.


I remember hearing Sara say to Jeremy in the elevator- “This is the last time we will be alone for awhile!”


Sara & Jeremy were escorted to a wait room by the charge nurse so she could iron out all of the details with case management prior to the parents meeting their son. The “wait here for a few minutes” turned into nearly an hour, imagine that!


The time had finally come. The moment they had been waiting for for 15 months.

Sloan-41Grab some tissues friends..Sloan-26FIRSTLOOK



And then there is this photo… which to date, is my absolute favorite image that I have EVER captured.Sloan-7







Just when emotions had settled ever so slightly, Jeremy told their baby boy his name for the first time.Sloan-51






Welcome to the world Sloan Hudson Wicker, you are already loved by oh so many! Sara & Jeremy, I love you guys and I am so incredibly happy for you, Congratulations!



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  1. Incredible beautiful pictures!! Sloan is a super gorgeous baby boy and so blessed to have parents who love him so!


  2. Reblogged this on CrossFit IXW and commented:
    World, please meet our very first 9th Wave baby, the perfect little Sloan Hudson Wicker! Congratulations, Jeremy and Sara! We are beyond thrilled for you! Much love from you box family! ❤️


  3. Such a great presentation, a beautiful miracle from heaven above! Beautiful moments captured! Bless him and his new parents and the woman that made a life changing decision…..


  4. I had tears as I went through the story &aweome photos.God Bless you both and especially baby Sloan.


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